The Obama Insult Tour

Mitt Romney makes much about Obama continually apologizing for America but I think the bigger story is the insults (large and small) Obama has doled out to our allies during his term.

The most recent and probably most egregious of these insults is his calling Nazi concentration camps, “Polish death camps”.  Throwing the brave and freedom loving Poles under the bus over missile defense apparently wasn’t enough he had to add in an historically ignorant slur into the mix. That he did it while honoring a brave resistance fighter just adds to the insult and the injury.

The following is a brief and not complete list of Obama insults:

Austria: A visiting President or anyone with half a brain should probably know what language they speak.

France: Kidding around is fine among friends. Insulting a fellow head of state in a formal setting? Not cool.

Honduras: Obama thinks he knows more about their legal system than they do, insists Chavez protege be returned to power.

The UK: He gave Prime Minister Brown lousy official gifts, the Queen an iPod full of his speeches but worst of all, takes the side of Argentina over the UK over the Falklands.

Israel: The list is long.

Mexico: Arming narco-terrorists is considered poor form among friends.

Japan: When your country is hit with a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami, friends tend to be a bit more careful when expressing condolences.

Other than Germany and Australia, Obama’s managed to make a fool of himself in ways large and small when it comes to our allies. The next President is going to have to spend quite a bit of time apologizing and mending fences thanks to Barack Obama.



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