MSNBC’s Chris Hayes And The Obligatory Apology

After MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said calling servicemen and women (including the fallen) made him “feel comfortable” you knew it was a matter of time before the usual, “hey sorry if I offended anyone” apology would be issued.

“On Sunday, in discussing the uses of the word “hero” to describe those members of the armed forces who have given their lives, I don’t think I lived up to the standards of rigor, respect and empathy for those affected by the issues we discuss that I’ve set for myself,” Hayes wrote on “I am deeply sorry for that.”

Personally, I don’t think he should have apologized.What he said clearly reflects what he thinks. He’s an opinion commentator and so he owe his employers and his audience his honest thoughts on matters of interest. If someone in his position isn’t willing to stand by his statements, no matter how loathsome they are, what is the point of having him on air?

The Veterans of Foreign Wars naturally demanded an apology from Hayes. Well they received it but I think they missed an opportunity. Instead of demanding a pro-forma apology why not challenge Hayes and his beliefs? I think an afternoon spent with one veteran from each of America’s wars touring the various monuments in DC and ending at Arlington National Cemetery would do a Hayes a world of good. Perhaps he might even be moved to share his new found understanding of the relationship of the soldier to war and the country with MSNBC viewers who could desperately use exposure to such things.

So how about it VFW and Chris Hayes….how about instead of the standard insult/outrage/apology cycle we try something a little different this time?


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