Media Bias In Word And Image

First the hors d’oeuvre….

Tommy Christopher considers himself a reporter, not an opinion journalist or columnist. Yet he’s strangely pleased when White House spokesman Jay Carney answers his question.

I then asked Carney to respond to the charge that it’s hypocritical for the President to attack Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital, yet raise money from private equity donors like Blackstone Group president Tony James, and top Obama bundler Jonathan Lavine, currently a managing director at Bain. It was a question that a campaign spokesman inexpertly dodged last night, but that Carney nailed.

I was under the impression that “reporters” were unbiased fact finders who asked hard questions to keep public officials accountable. Yet here’s Tommy acting like a judge on Dancing With The Stars celebrating Carney for hitting his softball question out of the park.

That got me thinking maybe it’s time to contact the White House Correspondents Association about Tommy’s “cheering in the press box”.

Based on the group’s home page photo, something tells me that might be a waste of time.

Well, surely the WHCA had an equally flattering photo of George W. Bush? Er….

Smiling, happy Obamas vs. Under siege by the Guardians of the Republic.

The WHCA liked that picture of a besiged Bush so much, they left it on their contact page.

Guess I’ll skip that note of protest about Tommy.


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