A Rebublican DREAM Act?

Is Marco Rubio nuts?

Rubio, who notably called on his party to tone down the anti-immigrant talk earlier this year, is working on a plan that would allow young illegal immigrants who came to the United States with their parents to apply for non-immigrant visas. They would be permitted to stay in the country to study or work, could obtain a driver’s license but would not be able to vote. They later could apply for residency, but they would not have a special path to citizenship.

So to sum up-

We’re going to grant the premiss the Democrats have been running on that this is something we have to act on (separate from border security/enforcement)

We’re going to do this to try and win votes of voters who will simply say, “Um, why should I support your half-assed measure when the other guys are offering me the whole thing?”

We’d also offer the Democrats a new and exciting line of attack…”Republicans think you’re good enough to work for them and fight and die for this country but not to vote”. Some enterprising liberal will no doubt find a way to equate that with slavery. Fun times!

And while we’re getting no credit or votes from this, we’ll also be doing the Democrats job for them by driving a wedge between members of our party.

If Rubio really goes ahead with this it will do significant damage to the GOP and Mitt Romney (who will have to pick sides between seeming anti immigrant or the GOP’s enforcement first base. He’ll get no credit if he goes with the former and will be bashed if he sides with the latter).

You know who would love to run on who can be more pro-amnesty than anyone? Barack Obama, that’s who. It beats talking about this economy and especially the part where Hispanic unemployment is running about 3.5% higher than for the general population.

All this damage over a plan that will win no votes and will never see the light of day in the Senate or the House.

Seriously, is Rubio nuts?

UPDATE: Rubio talks about his plan.

Rubio said he has not had contact w/ Romney or his camp about a new DREAM Act but believes his staff has informed Romney team of work on it.

Rubio says he hopes Romney will be open to his plan once its developed and says Romney is “now the leader of the Republican party”

I’m sure Mitt will be thrilled with this. He’s going to be asked about it and then it will be an issue. Especially once he equivocates on it.

Thanks Marco!

I think Rubio is about to become a lot less popular with conservatives.


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  1. 1) It’s premise, not premiss.
    2) This is obviously an election-year tactic to open up Hispanics to a Republican presidency with Mr. Rubio in the VP seat. It omits a “special path” to citizenship and only allows kids brought here as minors (who, obviously, had no say in the matter) to transition to being legal American residents rather than risk being deported to a “home country” that they don’t know. It’s an excellent compromise, brought by a popular, charismatic, conservative Hispanic Republican Senator.

    Do you, or do you not, want to defeat Obama? Legislation like this with Rubio at the helm could deliver Florida and most of the West, *and* it’s at least arguably good policy on the merits. For anyone who takes policy seriously, it’s a no-brainer.

  2. Romney has already mentioned tackling a Republican version of the “DREAM Act”. I’m sure I saw a headline about it over the weekend. And the latest is that he will “study and consider” Rubio’s version. This is the reality of election season… the R’s need to take as many issues away from Bambi and the D’s as possible. Might as well have a more sensible version of the ‘rats stupid wet dream of an act to talk about.

    Otherwise the D’s own the issue in perpetuity and we eventually end up with a monstrosity like ObamaCare.

  3. I read the entire article, plus the Tweets. Here is what Rubio actually said:

    “We have to come up with an immigration system that honors both our legacy as a nation of laws and also our legacy as a nation of immigrants.” and “He’s (Romney) our nominee and I think its important for him to feel comfortable with and be supportive of whatever endeavor we pursue.”
    That’s it. No detail. All other information is supplied by the reporter (you know how reliable and trustworthy they are!) and some quotes from critics and pundits. He doesn’t even admit to actually starting on any type of plan. Before you assume the worst, based almost entirely on the interpretation/spin of the AP’s Donna Cassata, perhaps you should wait until you actually see something from Rubio himself.

  4. I want the enactment of conservative policies,not just the defeat of Obama,It has ncreasingly clear that the GOP can’t/won’t advance a conservative agenda.Conservatism now has two enemies-the Progressive/Socialist left,and the spineless,unprincipled GOP.To defeat the former,the latter must be destroyed.The development of any legislation which encourages continued illegal immigration and rewards them with continued stay in this nation on any level is unacceptable-whether proposed by a leftist or a pandering pseudo conservative.Death to the GOP-stay home in November!

  5. The ONLY way this can be contemplated is by packaging it with mandatory E-Verify. Otherwise this bill would be an insult to the pro-enforcement majority.
    Rubio, don’t be a sell-out.

  6. I’ve never trusted Rubio OR the GOP on this issue. And it’s high time to drastically cut back on LEGAL immigration as well.

  7. Robert Johnson

    It’s about border security first and foremost. Then attract INDIVIDUALS to conservatism. Not pander to GROUPS like liberals do.

  8. I think this story supports Drew’s take.

    “Mitt Romney has taken a harder line on illegal immigration than expected, which has led many commentators to declare that the primaries have hurt his chances by drawing him too far in that direction (costing him support among Latino voters, especially). Yet today’s Quinnipiac poll finds Romney favored over Obama on the issue of … immigration”

    Irrespective of the details of Rubio’s “Dream Act,” the timing is lousy.

  9. I’m a Floridian and Rubio has been pimping for illegal aliens all his legislative life. He’s a Jeb Bush puppet who temporarily miraculously managed to convince the Tea Pary he’s not for amnesty. But he and Jeb have been on a mission for amnesty for a long time. Please, dear God, don’t let Romney listen to him, and I pray he doesn’t get anywhere near a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

  10. And further, how would this sort of “legal residency” sit with our Supreme Court. How long will it take before these “poor unfortunates” will indeed get the full path to citizenship Rubio wants, along with the chain migration we have in place which will let in all of their relatives, including, but not limited to, the illegal parents who brought them here? Better to not compromise your standards and stand by the rule of law.

    By the way, have any of you not heard the horror stories LEGAL immigrants to this country tell — about how things go so slowly and they are not able to get their families here? These people Rubio is concerned about have already been lucky. They’ve gotten an elelmentary/hs education here. Why should they take scarce college and university slots away from Americans? Everything you give to an illegal is something you take away from an American citizen or legal immigrant.

  11. Regardless of what the GOP does, it is going to receive less than 30% of the Latino vote.

    Illegal immigration has hurt this country is so many ways from costing hundreds of billions annually through entitlement programs to identity fraud to detroying the public education system in states like California, Texas and Arizona. It’s time to start enforcing the law.

  12. All it shows is that the “Cuban-American” Rubio is Cuban and loyal to Hispanics FIRST, and the rest of America can just take a back seat.

  13. Rubio is an idiot, and the whole GOP is a joke at this point, all politics, no principles.

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