Romney And The Etch A Sketch

Just wanted to collect my Twitter rant in one place:


I’m going to give my “No Romney Snark” thing another try but first….

Etch A Sketch wasn’t a gaffe, it was confirmation for what a lot of us have been saying about Romney for years.

I know Team Mitt needed to spin it but he wasn’t asked about strategy, which states they’d visit, organization, etc.

The question and answer were about ideological positions Mitt has taken. The fact Fehrnstrom gave that answer is a sign of things to come.

I think Romney backers would be better served by admitting their guy is a moderate. Insisting that he’s something he’s not has prolonged…

accepting him as the guy. You can’t tell people they are idiots for noticing what’s obvious. It simply forces a confrontation with no end.

No matter how much you claim otherwise, I’m simply not going to say “there are five lights”[*] just to validate your beliefs.

Team Mitt could have argued that there were no legit conservatives running and he was the best we could do but this charade forced a battle.

What’s done is done. I’ll do my best not to snark on Mitt. Unless he steps in it again, likely after his next big win.


*For those who don’t get the reference….


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