Why I Hate Mitt Romney: He Is Like An Internet Troll

In 2008 I wasn’t on Team Romney but I didn’t hate him either. This time around I hate him with a burning passion. I’ve been trying to figure out why and I think last night’s debate finally clarified it for me. Romney is an internet troll.

We’ve all been in the comment section of a blog when some idiot comes along and starts making outlandish statements that derails the conversation. They are impervious to facts, unconcerned with their obvious contradictions and every time they are cornered they simply say something more idiotic so that you start chasing them down that rabbit hole. All the while they ignore all the links you offer to refute them and refuse to provide any to support their claims.

Take a look at last night’s debate and you’ll recognize typical troll behavior from Romney.

Rick Santorum pointed out that RomneyCare was the basis for ObamaCare. This is simply fact. Romney’s response?

And let me — let me — let me mention one more — the reason we have Obama Care — the reason we have Obama Care is because the Senator you supported over Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania, Arlen Specter, the pro- choice Senator of Pennsylvania that you supported and endorsed in a race over Pat Toomey, he voted for Obama Care. If you had not supported him, if we had said, no to Arlen Specter, we would not have Obama Care. So don’t look at me. Take a look in the mirror.

Wait, what? How about we blame Specter’s parents. I mean, if they hadn’t had him, he wouldn’t have grown up to be a lousy Senator.

I disagreed with Santorum and George W. Bush’s support for Arlen Specter but this is ridiculous. No one had any clue who Barack Obama was in 2004, let alone he’d win the presidency someday and 6 years later Specter would change parties and vote for a specific bill.

And if we’re going “there” let’s remember Romney endorsed and was endorsed by a very, very liberal Democrat. Oh and take a look at who has endorsed Romney.

Now I get why Romney doesn’t want to talk about ObamaCare now but remember, he won’t be able to talk about in a general election campaign against Obama. Of course, Obama will bring it up all the time and Mitt won’t be able to change the subject with lame deflections like that.

Santorum also pointed out that Romney was a hypocrite for attacking him on earmarks while as Governor and head of the Salt Lake City Olympics Romney asked for and received hundreds of millions of dollars in earmarks.

Mitt’s response?

ROMNEY: I didn’t follow all of that, but I can tell you this — I would put a ban on earmarks. I think it opens the door to excessive spending, spending on projects that don’t need to be done.

I think there are a lot of projects that have been voted for. You voted to the “Bridge to Nowhere.” I think these earmarks, we’ve had it with them.


ROMNEY: If Congress wants to vote in favor of a bill, they should take that bill, bring it forward with committees, have people say — vote it up or down on the floor of the House or the Senate, have the president say yes or no, and move forward. But the earmark process is broken. There are thousands and thousands of earmarks, money being used inappropriately.

And I’ll tell you this — he mentioned coming to the Olympics, coming to the United States Congress, asking for support. No question about it. That’s the nature of what it is when you lead an organization or a state.

You come to Congress and you say, these are the things we need. In the history of the Olympic movement, the federal government has always provided the transportation and security. So we came to the federal government asking for help on transportation and security.

I was fighting for those things. Our games were successful. But while I was fighting to save the Olympics, you were fighting to save the “Bridge to Nowhere.”

So earmarks are good and virtuous when Romney asks for and receives them but wasteful and corrupting when others do? The “logic” of a troll.

When asked to use one word to describe himself Romney said, “resolute”. In what way, beyond his personal ambition, is Mitt Romney “resolute”? His record of flips and flops is long and well known.

Romney once again claimed last night that he “enabled our state police to enforce illegal immigration laws”. This is misleading at best, a lie at worst. But Mitt, like a troll simply makes assertions without any regard for the truth. They both hope you are simply to stupid to catch them.

Mitt gets away with this in the primaries because his opponents aren’t very good at knocking him down, have their own problematic records, don’t have the resources to do enough research (though all you need is a couple of interns and Google) or the money to exploit his weaknesses. Romney on the other hand has no qualms about lying and enough money to repeat the lies enough that people think they are true.

It’s a strategy that will likely be enough to get him through the primaries (barely) but if his supporters think it won’t all come back to bite him (and us) in the butt in the general they are fooling themselves.


About Drew

I blog about politics and hockey because I sort of understand those things. I'd blog about women but I'll never understand them.

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  1. Don’t forget the line item veto he kept saying he was for was thrown out by the courts.

  2. Spot on, DrewM.

    It will be extremely difficult to vote for Romney in November, should that be necessary.

  3. I hate Mitt Romney more than you.
    If Mitt Romney gets the Republican nomination, the GOP is not the party of conservatism and they deserve to lose!

    I’ll never vote for RINO Romney ever!

  4. Drew, I just read HotAir and realized how accurate your description is. On the other hand, you are of course a bigot for opposing the first troll-american president. From the annals of trollery:


  5. Mr. Willard Mitt Romney the Morman is what American do not need.

  6. Willard Mitt Romney the Morman is not what this country need at the moment.

  7. Could someone PLEASE point out that Mitt Romney is also a self-proclaimed “expert” in business. He (Romney) even admits he made millions by buying and selling them. AKA Raiding! (It’s just too impossible to deny it particularly when the IRS has the proof.)

  8. This is why i hate the media: (Mitt Romney, Santorum, Newt, Obama paid from the media!) “Gloria Allred Accidentally Reveals Press Email List. View the full email (with addresses removed) below:

    From: Gloria Allred
    Date: Sun, Feb 26, 2012 at 5:48 PM

    Subject: Re: Attorney Gloria Allred and Ginger White (who alleged that she had a thirteen year affair with Herman Cain) to attend Oscar Party together at Beverly Hills Hotel,
    February 26th, 2012

    To: Gloria Allred

    Cc: Daily Beast, 48 Hours – Gayan, ABC, ABC, ABC, ABC – Alison Ehrlich, ABC – DC, ABC – Mark Crudele Ch 7, ABC – Sarah Wallace, ABC 7, ABC 7 – Los Angeles, ABC 7 – Vania Stuelp, ABC News – Russell Goldman, Access Hollywod, Access Hollywood, Access Hollywood – NBC Uni – George Larrimore, AFP, AFP – Brigitte Dusseau, AFP International, Al Rantel Show – John Ingles, Aljazeera, AM New York, Anne Alderete, AOL – Christine Weicher, AP, AP, AP, AP, AP – Jonathan Resnick, AP – K Armstrong, AP – Linda Deutsch, AP – Rik Stevens, AP – Washington Bureau – Jill Gillum, AP-Anthony, Associated Press, Atlanta Journal Constitution – Jeremy Redmon, Atlantic Monthly, BBC, BBC – Regan Morris, Bill Beazley, Billy Bush, Bloomberg, Bloomberg News, Bloomberg News, Bloomberg SF, BNO News……..


  9. I disagree that there’s no difference between a person not in Congress asking for funding for something Congress has usually agreed to fund and a person in Congress demanding funding for unrelated projects in return for a vote. True, Romney didn’t exactly point out those differences, so I can’t be certaint that’s what he meant, but that’s what it looks like to me.

  10. Drew ! can we suggest a wonderful billboard to share the collective disgust around ROMNEY?


    Spread the word.
    We love your writing, power to the people! and Drew!

  11. James A. Mullare

    There are seven billion people on Earth. The person I hate the most is Mitt Romney. I voted for him to be Massachusetts Governor. He submitted a bill which attacked my dying mother. I tried to ask him about it. Mitt turned his back and walked away.

  12. I hate that Goddamn Fuckin Retard Mitt Romney too! Let me say that when he was the massachusettes Govenor he fucking lied right through his Fucking Lying Ugly assed teeth to me when I lost medical benefits because I was on Social Security Disability! HE said to me on my phone..””Well if I cant get you your benefits back then noone can, Ill help you buddy.” Next thing I knew they were gone! Furthermore that HORSES ASS ruined MASSACHUSETTES ever since he left Mass its gotten ten times worse. MY opinion of him is he fucks shit up in one state then runs off to another one and points the finger at others like the President or hides behind the well thats how business works routine he gives to us the general public as if we dont know what the hell is going on!

  13. There is one thing that Romney does not change his mind on: Tax cuts for the rich. Unlike everything else, he hasn’t wavered on supporting tax cuts for himself and the rest of the top .01%. Otherwise, he’s like a rotating coin floating in the cabin of the space station.

    Romney is so completely out of touch with us 99%ers he’s got to be from another planet. He should be launched back to his planet on the next starship out.

  14. I do agree with you a lot. To me mitt Romney is someone who does not have his own response to a situation unless fox news gives him something to say and half the time foxs edits videos and puts them all over the news especially the one that came up with Obama saying you didn’t build your business on your own, fox skips to the point that government built everything not the working people when the part that fox news left out when Obama explained the his point was government helps gives resources but it is the American people who work hard taking advantage of things the government gives us which is to me a believable statement. Then Mitt Rommeny turns around and says the exact same thing the next day in different words. He might troll the Internet and news. To me in the end people still believe in Obama and when come November I’m sure we will have another 4 years of Obama which doesn’t bother me. Yes he’s not the best present but people get the wrong idea about him a lot of times. To me he’s not only democratic he is a family man.

  15. I couldn’t have said it better! Thank you for doing the research, for the way I feel.
    Mitt reminds me of a boy that would get mad at you then tell you he is going to tell his dad, or call you a name then run away.
    I don’t know what it is, but his actions bother me, down to the way he waves at people,I just want to slap him.

  16. Many people from the netherlands Hope that romney does not become president of the usa. We wish you the best from the netherlands.
    Greetings, or as we say in holland, groeten!

  17. our opinion(here is South Africa) of the people of the USA would greatly diminish, please do’t let this idiot run your country

  18. Shirley, and Dane
    Why should we give a flying fark what the Dutch, or Afrikaners want out of our election? Nederland is so screwed up so thoroughly that it’s doubtful that your country will even survive the next 3 decades. Will it be absorbed by the Germans and French, or will it be overtaken by the Jihad first? Sud Afrika is a 2nd world nation hovering on the edge of complete collapse into a full-blown 3rd-world hellhole, with only the legacy of colonialism keeping it from becoming another Zimbabwe.
    If Obama wins, it’s quite likely that the US economy will completely collapse, to be either preceded or followed very shortly by Europe. I have tried to figure out a way that doesn’t end up with either a European civil war, or a full-blown world war, but I just can’t

  19. Hello 2012 commenters I am a 2013 commenter and great news Obama won the election who stopped fighting that dumb war In Iraq that BUSH JR STARTED plus acually catching Oslama Bin Laden instead of fighting for oil like Bush did even though HE KNEW THAT OSLAMA BIN LADEN WAS IN PAKISTAN.

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