Could The GOP Primary Get More Depressing? MN, MO, And CO Voters Say, “Yes, Yes It Can”


The post not-so-Super Tuesday spin has been pretty weak tea. No, no delegates were directly awarded (which means despite his awful night, Newt is still in second place!) but none were in Iowa either and they were happy to claim victory there, for awhile anyway.

The big argument for Mitt has always been “electability” and “inevitability” because of his money and organization. Well, his money and organization should have carried him through last night and it didn’t.  So what exactly is the point of the Romney campaign?

Yes, he’ll (probably) win Michigan and Arizona  because they are primary states but mostly because he’ll spend a boat load of money destroying Santorum and Newt in both places (plus his ties to MI). I get that winning is the name of the game but in the long run it’s going to cost him. He’s not winning the nomination, he’s simply subduing the party.

Mitt wins when he wildly outspends his opponents to run tons of negative ads and unleashes his team of questionable surrogates.  Yes, winning is the name of the game but doing it the way he is will cost him in the end. He will not be able to unite the party because “Fear Obama” won’t overcome all of the “Hate for Romney”. Don’t believe me? You don’t think that Democrats hated George W. Bush as much as Republicans hate Barack Obama? How’d that work out for the last nominee from Massachusetts? Funny, I can’t seem to recall a thing about President Kerry’s administration.

At this point I think we are down to deciding who we’d rather lose with. It’s hard to believe that’s what we are facing given the need to rid this nation of Obama but yet here we are.

In many ways this isn’t Romney’s fault. He is who he is. The real indictment is of the GOP and conservatism. We have simply not produced a credible set of challengers. Part of that is due to the Democratic wins in 2006 and 2008 which destroyed much of the bench. The failure of other candidates to run or the flame out of those that did (I’m looking at you Rick Perry) also isn’t  Romney’s fault. Mitt should be a perennial also ran but through a combination of luck and skill (all the money he raised probably kept some challengers out) he’s likely to win the nomination but rrip much of the party apart in the process.



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  1. This is a sad post.

    I remember hearing Art Laffer say that “only a Carter could produce a Reagan. So just wait and see what an Obama will produce.” Um, yeah.

    I’m thinking about voting for Gary Johnson if he runs as a Libertarian.

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