Something That Honestly Scares Me About Romney And His Campaign- What You See, Is What You Get

I just sent this in an email to some folks but I think it’s worth repeating….

Serious question about Romney…when was the last time he did or said anything that you could remotely say, “ok, yeah, that’s good” on a policy proposal level?

He seems to have decided not to do anything. He’s just going around and giving his stump speech, having his surrogates attack the rest and letting his Super PAC and campaign ads do the work.

I guess this is smart in the sense that he’s not taking any risks and basically running, “come on, you’re not going to vote for one of those guys, are you?” campaign. There’s nothing nimble, fresh or positive about it. I’m not saying he’s should be scatter shot like Newt but there’s no there there. Maybe he’s going to “turn it on” come the general but I get the sense…this is it, he going to run a Seinfeld campaign about nothing. If that’s the case, baring an economic meltdown, he’ll lose.

One think I should have added to that email…yes, ideally this election should be about Obama and a referendum on the last four years. Being bland can work in that case. The problem is, Romney has made too many gaffes, too many flip flops and is too easily caricatured to be a blank slate. Tim Pawlenty or Mitch Daniels might have been able to pull that off but I don’t see how Romney can.

Shouldn’t Romney be rolling out a new proposal a week? Something that he can make a theme out of and draw a contrast with Obama and Senate Democrats? How about a month? Hell, a new proposal a quarter would be an improvement. It’s seems Romney has made his pitch to investors, er, voters and they can look over the PowerPoints and investment perspectives but no, there won’t be any additional ideas forthcoming. What you see is what you get, take it or leave it.

Maybe things will be bad enough in a year but maybe this new “normal” will have taken hold and there’ll be enough “good news” for the media to spin that people won’t be all that angry at Obama anymore. Then what does Romney have to run on?


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  1. An election that is focused on the incumbent requires a willing media, something Romney will not have. That is a predictable event.

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