Fun Facts About Mitt From The McCain Opposition Research Book- Fees For Veterans, Not Sex Offenders

I don’t think Buzzfeed’s scoop of the McCain research book on Romney got enough attention, so I’ll be pulling out some highlights every now and then to remind Republicans what they are buying with Mitt.

One of Team Romney’s biggest claims is he never raised taxes. It’s true he never raised income, sales or gas taxes but he raised an awful lot of fees. Over a quarter of a billion dollars worth in 2004 alone.

Of course he also vetoed at least one fee. It’s all about priorities.

Consider this from the McCain research book (pg. 56).

“Gov. MittRomney is vehemently opposed to raising taxes. Yet new fees proposed in his budget would hit a broad spectrumof people … The changes include … increasing user fees for long-term care at the Chelsea Soldiers’ Home.”
(Jennifer Fenn, “Romney Budget Raises Fees, Which Democrats Say Are Taxes In Disguise,” Lowell Sun , 2/28/03)
And now compare it with this (pg. 58).

In 2003, Romney Vetoed Annual Registration Fee For Sexual Offenders And Up To $750,000 To Cut DownOn Backlog Of Sex Offenders Not Classified By State
Romney Vetoed New $75 Annual Fee For Sex Offender Registration – His Veto Was Overturned By TheHouse.
“Beacon Hill lawmakers overturned Gov. Mitt Romney’s veto of $23 million in additional state aid to citiesand towns … House lawmakers also overturned Romney’s veto of a new $75 annual fee for sex offenders whenthey renew their listing on the state’s sex offender registry. … Romney vetoed the fee, saying it would discouragesex offenders from renewing their registration.”
(Steve LeBlanc, “Legislature Restores State Aid To Local Communities, SexOffender Fee,” The Associated Press, 7/8/03)
 So Romney was worried about sex offenders not renewing their registration? Well, then he must have wanted to hunt down unregistered offenders, right? (pg. 58)
“Another section of the budget, also vetoed by Romney,would use up to $750,000 collected from the new [sex offender] fees to cut down on the current backlog of sexoffenders yet to be classified by the state. The House overturned that veto too.”
The more you know about Mitt…the less there is to like.
Update: I changed the original headline, (Fun Facts About Mitt From The McCain Opposition Research Book- Choosing Sex Offenders Over Veterans) because it clearly wasn’t an either or choice for then Governor Romney. Still to govern is to chose and I think it’s fair to look at who he raised fees on and who he didn’t.

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  1. Why do you hate capitalism, Drew?

  2. Perhaps more information is needed about the fees for veterans. This post has almost no information about that.

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