Mitt Romney: The Keep Under Protective Glass At All Times Candidate

An argument pro-Romney people use to knock Newt Gingrich is that Newt’s favorable/unfavorable numbers are a disaster. Well, they are. Here’s the problem, Mitt’s are pretty much the same now. Romney is 31/49 favorable-unfavorable while Gingrich is 29/51.

It’s fair to note, as I’m sure Romney supporters will, that this is one poll and Romney’s drop is very recent (it’s also very steep, but that’s another story). Yes, we’ll have to wait to see more polling but simply saying Newt was dislike more 10 years ago doesn’t really matter going forward.

The problem for Romney is this is really the first time people have looked at him seriously as the front runner and they aren’t liking what they are seeing. Remember, this is a guy who lost to John McCain, not exactly the most beloved figure in the GOP. When Romney has done well this year it’s in a very limited set of circumstances…he has to have the most money, the field has to be divided and he has to be in an area where he has run and done well before (IA and NH). Once the money starts to equal out (in SC), the field shrinks and he’s out of his comfort zone, things start to go badly. Romney’s favorables stayed high as long as he was floating above things and 6 or 7 other people were fighting each other to be the not Romnney but not that there’s an actual campaign underway and he’s getting hit, the SS Romney is taking on water badly.

It’s going to be funny to see Romney supporters claim that it’s unfair that Newt and Santorum have damaged “the only electable” candidate out there. It’s as if they live in a world where Axelrod and Obama would play by the rules they tried to strangle the GOP with to save Mitt. It’s a delusion to think that Romney can survive the coming general election onslaught, he’s just not a very good politician except under very limited and controlled circumstances.

Romney is like a new car…it looks good in the showroom but it loses a lot of its value the second it leaves the lot.

If the GOP wants to have a shot at beating Obama, they need to nominate a candidate who can mix it up in the rough and tumble of rush hour traffic.




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  1. Everyone keeps saying that Romney is losing standing because the conservatives are only splitting their vote 2 or 3 ways now instead of 4 or 5. I agree that the more other candidates drop out, it’s hurting Romney – but for a different reason.

    Romney REALLY started to struggle as soon as the number of lecterns on the stage began to dwindle. Fewer candidates leaves time for longer answers and back-and-forth between the candidates. The Bret Baier interview was the preview of the future debates. Bret was the first interviewer in a long time who refused to accept the soundbite and push with follow-up questions. In my view, this has revealed Romney to be (not necessarily empty but at least…) the emptiest suit on the stage. He either doesn’t know or isn’t willing to offer up more than a soundbite and he’s looking more vapid compared to the other candidates.

    If Romney loses Florida, the race will be Santorum vs Gingrich with the little man as a side-show. That’s my hope, anyway.

  2. I’m not sure why a tie in Iowa to someone that was polling zero percent is considered ‘good’.

    I have been skeptical of Mitt’s electable nature since his flop in 2008, and it sure looks like he is flopping again. Better here than against Obama in the general.

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