The Dumbest Anti-Newt Attack Out There

The idea that Obama is licking his chops at running against Newt but is somehow quaking in his boots at the idea of facing Romney is simply silly.

Here’s an example of the theory.

Getting ecstatic emails from my Dem operative friends re Newt.

And they’d have sent the same emails if Mitt had delivered the knockout blow last night.

Does anyone actually believe that the candidate who is basing his entire campaign on classwarfare, greedy Wall St. financiers and protecting the middle class from the rich is really, really sad he might not get the chance to run against a guy who is rich and a Wall St. financier with 4 huge homes?

I’m not saying that Obama is scared of Gingrich, he likely doesn’t care very much either way. He has a campaign plan, he knows what his own weaknesses are and will execute his plan to against whomever the Republicans nominate.  Anything else is just spin.


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  1. You’re right that regardless of who’s picked as the GOP nominee, BHO is going to run the “classwarfare” playbook and point to the nominee’s plans to cut rates for high earners. He will also try to tie the nominee to the tea party and paint him as radical.

    The problem is that latter strategy is a lot less effective against Mittens. Independents, and even some liberals, are just not as afraid/outraged by Mittens as they are by Newt, Santorum, Bachmann, etc. Your response will be “that’s because he governed MA as a moderate (or even as a liberal)!” And that’s likely true. As much as it bothers the base, it also inoculates him (to a degree) against certain general election attacks.

    Newt on the other hand could be painted (rightly or wrongly) with this brush. Yes, he’s sat on a couch with Nancy Pelosi and advocated for cap and trade and he supported Dede Scozzafava, but he’s also prone to saying things like “kenyan anti-colonial behavior” and “food stamp president.” Indies already (see -30 favorability in polls) or can be convinced to see the worst in him.

    I know this doesn’t address (and might even reaffirm) your main complaint against MIttens (“he’s a liberal!”), but the question you have to ask yourself is if Mittens (Mr. “I’ll do whatever you want me to just make me president”) will continue to “pander” to the base if elected. Or, more simply, if a republican house and senate sent him, say, the Ryan Plan, would he sign it? The choice isn’t Mitt in vacuum, it’s more Mitt in the chair with Congress pulling him right/keeping him honest.

  2. Well it looks like I was wrong. I didn’t think Mewt could beat Romney, but he did. And it was entertaining. I don’t think he can beat Obama, but I guess I could be wrong about that too. And if he makes president then I reckon he’ll drive everyone nuts with a global warming like stance and not care what we think, but again I could be wrong.

    One thing I’m sure I won’t be wrong about is that this will be a very entertaining ride as long a he leads it. Frustrating a well I would bet, but entertaining all the same.

  3. L – If Mittens was even willing to pander to the base NOW, he might be in a better position.

    To me it is a big warning sign that now, when he needs us, he is still unable to pay lip service to the desires of the party’s base. Why would it get better once he’s safely elected?

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