The Latest (And Saddest) Cry Of Romney Backers: But, But Newt Trails Obama In The Polls!

I’m seeing a lot of this from Mitt fans (or Newt haters) on Twitter and conservative blogs.

Well, just consider a this from January 25th 2004.

A Kerry-Bush match-up would have Kerry up by 49 percent to Bush’s 46 percent.

In January of 2008, Hillary Clinton led McCain by 4 points and Obama trailed him by 1. 

By March McCain led Obama by 6 and Hillary! by 8. Clearly Democrats were doomed! Doomed!

These are just some anecdotes and Republicans shouldn’t simply ignore Newt’s unfavorable numbers but we also shouldn’t be much credit in polling this early. You can’t ignore the fact that both Romney and Gingrich have been engaged in a bitter primary battle for months while Obama is essentially running unopposed at this point. Once a nominee is picked and they can start to focus on Obama and his abysmal record.

Speaking of Obama, he’s not exactly a juggernaut of favoribility and his job approval numbers are pretty bad as well.

I originally support Newt as a protest candidate, I honestly never expected him to gain any traction. I’m perfectly willing to admit is many faults. If I thought Mitt were actually a better candidate (not more conservative, just better) I’d probably support him. There’s simply no evidence to support the idea that Mitt is “electable” except that a lot of people keep saying he is. I doubt Team Obama or general election voters will any more impressed with that rationale for Mitt than GOP primary voters have been.


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