New Newt Ad: You Want Me To Rip The Beating Heart Out Of A Liberal And Eat It? Yeah, I Can Do That

Ah Newt, what might have been.

It’s a shame that Newt and his team couldn’t come up with a way to fend off the onslaught of Mitt’s Super PAC. When they finally did get around to responding, they had lost Iowa and settled on the lame Bain line of attack.

Last night was Newt’s strength…a full throated defense of a conservative worldview. No one else has that on offer this primary and none come close to being Newt when Newt is on his game. But as has often been the case throughout his career, he’s been a half step off at the key moment.


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  1. The Bain issue did not work out as well as it could have because the GOP establishment and certain media personalities are pushing for Romney and they attacked Newt for attacking ‘capitalism’. They didn’t want their chosen one, Mitt, beaten up. Bain capitalism is a mutation of capitalism and it is what is destroying our country. It is caused by the unholy alliance between corps and gov, and We the People are suffering because of it.

    If any company or venture capitalist takes a bunch of money out of a company and leaves that company with massive debt, it is not capitalism in its truest form, and it not something we should condone. Bain investors made mega profits and stuck creditors, employees and tax payers, directly and indirectly, with huge losses. At no time should it be called capitalism if those in power transfer risk and losses to those not in power. This was done in large part by the use of the monster we call our tax code.

    Prime example of your kind of capitalism is that GE made $14 trillion in PROFITS and paid no taxes on that profit. Did other capitalist companies pay no taxes on their profits? And if companies like GE and other Bain like companies don’t pay taxes or stick it to tax payers and creditors, who do you think picks up the tab?

    If Mitt is the nominee, Obama and company will hammer him on this issue and it will be ugly. Not only that, because of the stupidity of the GOP establishment trying to protect the chosen one, capitalism will be on the ballot in the fall. Obama and socialism, will beat Mitt and capitalism. It is not ok for rich guys to get richer, while sticking it to everyone else. True capitalsim doesn’t work that way. It only works when you make it or don’t make it based on assuming risk and NOT transfering losses to others. Solyndra is another example of rich people transfering the losses to taxpayers. Only difference between Bain and Solyndra is that Mitt/Bain was on the corporate side of the unholy alliance. Obama/Solyndra was on the government side of the unholy alliance. End result, rich people screw everyone else and Mitt/Obama get reward with profits and/or BIG campaign contributions.

    If Mitt wins the nomination, it will be ugly in the fall and he will lose.

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