Enough About The 2012 Presidential Race, Let’s Talk 2016: Crazy Rightwing Governor Taking On State Unions And Teachers

That conservative nutjob? Democrat Andrew Cuomo of New York.

The plan, which needs to be approved by the Legislature, includes the creation of a new and less-generous pension tier for new employees that’s anticipated to save local governments $79 billion over the next 30 years. The retirement age would be raised, and employees would be required to make increased contributions.

The “Tier VI” proposal would also give new employees the option of signing up for a definied contribution plan similar to a 401(k).

Cuomo also plans to tie a share of school funding to the adoption of a statewide teacher evaluation system — the culmination of the governor’s get-tough talk in recent weeks. Under his plan, school districts and unions would have to agree on a new teacher evaluation system by Jan. 17, 2013, or risk giving up increases in funding.

State worker unions are not pleased.

“Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed budget lays out some complex challenges in many areas. CSEA remains concerned that the governor seems out of touch with the day-to-day challenges that public workers in both state and local government face as a result of his budget priorities. Too many necessary services in every part of the state are deteriorating because people are working short staffed and at risk without adequate equipment, training and backup.

“CSEA has no hesitation in saying that the proposal for a new public employee pension tier is an assault on the middle class and a cheap shot at public employees. It will provide no short-term savings and will mean people will have to work longer, pay more and gain less benefit. Simply put, the Tier VI provisions would be onerous on working people and undermine middle class security and the governor ought to be more concerned about that.

“The governor’s proposal of a 401K style option as part of Tier VI would certainly be attractive to highly paid political appointees who could max out their contribution, have it matched by the public employer and take it with them as they come and go. It’s a lot different for front-line career employees who have to worry about whether being at the mercy of Wall Street ups and downs will provide them with adequate retirement security 30 years from now.”

Wait, are they talking about the Democratic Governor of NY or you know, Scott Walker in Wisconsin?

The Democratic cupboard is pretty bare heading in 2016, whether or not Obama wins or loses this November. Other than Cuomo, Tim Kaine of Virginia is out there but he’s got a tough race with George Allen for the Senate coming up. Beyond that, Hillary! isn’t likely to make another run and there’ll be talk about Elizabeth Warren if she unseats Scott Brown in MA but she won’t play nationally.

A big state governor who is taking on some of the sacred cows in his own party? That’s likely to be pretty attractive to Democrats in 4 years.


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  1. The state governors most likely to be prominent on the national stage for the dems in 2016 include M. O’Malley in Maryland, who never met a tax or a government worker he didn’t like, but who is very loud in parroting the talking points of the day. Also would be the failure J. Granholm of Michigan (now an ex-governor who is, of course, a professor of somethingorother somewhere), who is telegenic and makes utterly fact-free pronouncements without a hint of embarrassment. Off hand, I can’t think of another Dem governor who is making waves. I think neither O’Malley and Granholm have the towering ego and ambition of Cuomo, though.

  2. Ronchris,

    You’re right about the O’Malley possibility but Granholm was born in Canada so she’s not eligible.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Ronchris, your RAEG!! is showing. Might want to look into that.

    I’m not seeing the “towering ego and ambition” in Cuomo. (The various Clintons and Romneys, sure.) In Cuomo I’m more seeing the New York version of “born to the purple”. He grew up in New York and his concern for the state seems genuine. Towering ego and ambition more applies to feckless grandstanders, like Teh Weiner.

    Anyway Granholm can’t be President since she wasn’t born here. Also, as the country becomes more and more aware of what happened to Detroit under her watch, we’ll find her growing more and more quiet; either that, or she’ll do a Carter and blame the Michigan voters for her epic fail. Either way she’ll be laughed offstage in anyplace major.

  4. Oh, the Teflon Leprechaun definitely intends to run for the big chair in 2016. He’ll have screwed us here in Md. seven ways from Sunday by then, he’ll need something bigger to wreck.

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