Ramesh Ponnuru: I Really Hope Romney Proposes A Tax Hike

We already know that nominating and defending Mitt is going to require conservatives to rewrite some of our most cherished positions. But hey, that’s why God invented erasers, right?

This one though would be a little harder to swallow.

Ramesh Ponnuru, a Romney supporter, lays out Romney’s options on taxes and concludes with his recommendation.

Regular readers will know I hope he opens door number 3 eventually, but it might make sense to linger at door number 4 for a while [“Don’t come out for any specific big tax reform”]. If I were him, I’d definitely wait at least until after Obama’s State of the Union address and budget proposal (and maybe all year, while pledging to work with Congress on a pro-family, pro-growth tax reform plan).

You’d think urging timidity on taxes would be bad enough, I mean, isn’t the GOP supposed to want bold, pro-growth tax plans? But it gets worse. Much worse. What’s Ponnuru’s preferred “door number 3”?

3. Romney can avoid either of these two drawbacks by adopting something like the Stein plan. It expands the child credit to help middle-class families and cuts tax rates on investment, but makes up for the revenue forgone by scaling back tax breaks and lowering the floor for the top tax bracket. The expanded child credit polls extremely well, but would be attacked by the Wall Street Journal’s editors and other conservative journalists, think tankers, and activists. Some conventional economists on his own staff would surely balk as well.

Emphasis mine.

Wait, what? “lowering the floor on the top tax bracket”, that sounds an awful lot like…Raising taxes on a lot of people.

I seem to recall Republicans putting a lot of capital into the fight to preserve the “Bush tax cuts” and now an editor at National Review is urging his candidate to embrace tax hikes?

This is Team Romney and what they are trying to sell us on. If you buy it, you can’t later claimed to be shocked, you’ve been warned.


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