Marco Rubio: Today I Declare My Candidacy For The Vice Presidency Of The United States Of America

Is there any other explanation why a freshman Senator from the minority party would just happen to jot off a note to the President to let him know what an awful job he’s doing?

Dear Mr. President: Any day now, news reports suggest you will ask Congress to approve yet another increase in the debt ceiling. The expected request is another $1.2 trillion, adding to a three year debt binge that has totaled $4.5 trillion on your watch and that has enabled our overall debt to surpass $15 trillion. Your latest request will push the federal debt limit well above $16 trillion.

This pending request will be the sixth time during your Presidency that Congress is being asked to keep allowing government and spending to grow at rates that are unsustainable. In other words, you have made it a routine part of your job to ask for more room to spend without any plan to reduce our debt.

Instead of making debt ceiling increases a routine Washington exercise, we need to make it routine to actually spend no more than we take in. Until then, I will oppose your request to continue borrowing and spending recklessly.

And so on.

It’ll be interesting to see if Rubio’s letter forms part of a question at the debates this weekend or if one of the candidate <cough>Romney<cough> just happens to give it and Rubio a shout out.

This isn’t the first signal Rubio has given that while his lips say no to the Vice President slot his eyes are focused on the Naval Observatory.

Back in October Rick Perry helped to throw away any chance he had to be President by saying opposing in state tuition for illegal immigrants mean “you don’t have a heart”.Β  Until that point, Rubio shared Perry’s support for in-state tuition for illegals but he just happened to change his position to match that of one Willard Mitt Romney.

Rubio would bring a lot to the table for any GOP nominee…youthful energy, Hispanic outreach and popularity in the vital swing state of Florida. Romney, who has a strained relationship with large segments of the base would especially benefit from Rubio’s popularity with conservatives and tea party activists.

It’ll be interesting to see if Rubio endorses Romney ahead of the Florida primary. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.






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  1. At this point, it would take a Veep pick like Rubio to make me do anything more (like donate, canvass or make phone calls) than dutifully drag my ass to my polling place and vote Not Obama.

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