Rick Perry: I’m Staying In Because I’m Looking Forward To Republican Only Contests


“This wasn’t a hard decision,” Perry said, speaking in Iowa, according to multiple reports. “I’m excited about getting out with real Republicans,” he said, also referring to “actual primaries.”

He added, “Not that there aren’t real Republicans here in Iowa, but the fact it is was a pretty loosey goosey process and you had a lot of people who were there that admitted they were Democrats voting in the caucuses last night.”

Well, thank God we’re done with those “loosey goosey” things. I mean, it’s not like independents can vote in the New Hampshire GOP Primary or that South Carolina’s is open to all comers regardless of party registration.


Rick Perry…real man of genius.

Let me save you the trouble…no, this in and of itself isn’t disqualifying or even remotely a big deal. Of course, this isn’t an isolated incident, is it? Perry simply has a talk first, learn later attitude that I think is very dangerous for a President.  YMMV.

But hey, I’m sure Perry’s  attacks on Obama’s extra-Constitutional recess appointments will show his mastery of the issue. You know, just like his deep knowledge of his cherished X Amendment, his talk about out of control judges and strong support for social conservative issues manifested themselves in his talk about Lawrence v. Texas. Oh. Never mind.

I think Perry has all the right instincts, I simply haven’t seen any evidence he’s actually thought about any of this stuff to any degree or really cares about the underlying facts of his views. That might be enough for some, it’s simply not for me.

Yes, yes I know. Jobs. That magical word is suppose to magically make all his other faults fade away.  Sorry Team Perry, it just doesn’t work that way.

What Perry supporters are asking the rest of us to do is accept their “he’s great on jobs” talking point while completely ignoring his actual campaign. I know they want to give Perry full credit for the “Texas Miracle” (and he undoubtedly deserves some) but personally I’m having a hard time accepting the guy I’ve seen on the campaign trail for 3+ months is some sort of economic genius who holds the answers to all our problems.

I wouldn’t hire someone just based on their resume. Even if their resume was wonderful, if they came off  as badly in the interview as Perry is in the campaign, I’d wonder how accurate the resume really is. It may frustrate his supporters but the burden of proof is with Perry to demonstrate he’s the guy who did what he claims and is up to the next big job. It’s not up to me or other voters to fill in the blanks he’s leaving and hope for the best.




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  1. Whoever is *really* running Texas should have run for POTUS instead of that goofy guy.

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