Your Daily Bit Of Media Bias

It turns out Yahoo! News and ABC News are co-hosting a GOP debate. Why not? Everyone else is.

As has become the norm, viewers will be able to submit questions that might be used.

So far, so good. Well here’s how Yahoo! promoted it on their home page look down to the next to last headline).

Click on the image and you’ll see the next to last headline is “Ask the GOP candidates about income inequality”.

When I clicked on that link (It’s not there now.  I’m not sure if they took it down or it just changed as part of their regular rotation of headlines), it sent me to this page where you can leave suggested questions.

So Yahoo! News is holding a debate for the GOP candidates and they are urging their readers to do what they can to make sure President Obama’s newest talking point is brought up.

I think the Trump debate is an awful idea but at least Trump is just shilling for Trump. Yahoo! News and ABC are shilling for the Democrats.

Why exactly does the GOP let these kinds of people control such an important part of the nomination process? Next time there’s a GOP presidential primary, skip the MSM debates (and Trump) and stick with thinks like the DeMint and Huckabee forums. The questions asked should reflect the topics of interest to Republican voters, not set up attack ads for the Democrats.


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