Jen Rubin Is An Even Bigger Hack Than You Think (No Really)

You’d think Newt’s acceptance of the Trump debate invitation would be the kind of thing that Rubin would jump on, right?

Well, she’s had exactly one mention of it since Friday.

In his eager acceptance of Donald Trump’s debate invitation, he also seems on the verge of looking more like a “celebrity” (his self-description when telling us he gets $60,000 per speech) than someone voters can imagine in the Oval Office.

Mind you, that’s the last sentence of the 13th paragraph in a post blasting Newt.

Why is she so silent on something so clearly in her wheel-house? Oh right, Mitt hasn’t decided if he’s going to do it or not. Mustn’t get caught on the wrong side of Mittens. So she weakly attacks Gingrich for accepting to quickly, where as if Mitt accepts it will be in the fullness of time after deep soul searching.

Of course, if Mitt doesn’t accept, I bet we see a lot of talk about clown shows.


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