I Don’t Know Who RC Hammond Is But I Salute Him! (Your Daily Dose Of Jen Rubin)

Nathan Wurtzel highlights this bit of Jen Rubin hackery by noting it’s suddenly safe to praise Rick Perry.

No doubt in the future Rubin will point to this as evidence she’s fair to all candidates when it’s called for. Or alternatively, it’s safe to praise a guy who is now at 5% in the polls and no immediate threat to Mitt “The Chosen One” Romney. That she can also use Perry to bash Newt Gingrich, who is very much a threat to Romney, is an added bonus.

Now, that’s just Rubin being Rubin at this point. What really makes this post shine is this exchange with Gingrich’s spokesman.

I tried to get answers from the Gingrich camp on his positions. The conversation via e-mail went like this. Me: “Does Gingrich support an increase in defense spending? Does he have a specific level of defense spending (% of budget or of GDP) in mind? Does he believe we need to expand the U.S. Navy?” Spokesman RC Hammond: “In what context am I answering?” That one threw me for a loop since he’s a presidential campaign spokesman and I’m a journalist. So I responded that I was asking in his capacity as a campaign spokesman to ascertain Gingrich’s position on defense issue. Hammond e-mailed back, “Try again.” (This is a campaign that has absorbed its candidate’s complete contempt for the media.) I replied that I wanted to know his positions on the issues, was doing a piece on national security and these were the sort of questions other candidates had addressed. He then asked to call me but never did.

I love the way he jerks her chain there.

Rubin probably realizes but is too dishonest or proud to admit no one who pays any attention to her thinks she’s a journalist. Hammond was insinuating what many people think (myself included)…at this point Rubin is nothing more than an operative for the Romney campaign. Why in the world should Hammond or any other campaign treat her as a remotely disinterested party that will get a fair hearing from her? Well, maybe if Gingrich drops back in the polls she’ll be fair to Newt. That’s what a “journalist” does, right Ms. Rubin?





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