Your Daily Dose Of “Jen Rubin Actually Wrote That With No Sense Of Irony”

The silver lining to all of this is that it is increasingly hard to fake your way through a rigorous presidential primary season. Cain’s past and his current lack of knowledge have caught up with him. Perry’s lack of rhetorical skills and policy chops have done him in. All that “fly-speaking,” as Cain calls it, has its benefits.

Mitt? Not a fake bone in his body. He’s totally authentic and dreamy but mostly dreamy.

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Image courtesy of the Slushop Collection.


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I blog about politics and hockey because I sort of understand those things. I'd blog about women but I'll never understand them.

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  1. It seems lame to just say, “Me too!”

    So I’m going to stick with the classics and just call you a RINO, Drew.


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