Hey…Who Is Up For Another Sexual Harassment Allegation Against Herman Cain?

This will be number 4 for those of you keeping score at home (the two who got settlements and this woman).

This time the accuser will come forward in a 1:30 eastern presser with her lawyer…Gloria Allred.

There some indications that this is beginning to negatively impact Cain’s favorability rating.

I know some won’t believe this but at this point I don’t care about the allegations. Absent any proof or even specific charges, what’s there to get worked up about?

What bothers me is the amateurish way Cain and his team have handled this.

Here’s Cain after his debate/appearance with Newt Gingrich on Saturday night.

“Journalistic code of ethics”?

First, candidates don’t really get to pick and chose what questions reporters ask. They can elect to not answer but to make asking a question out as a violation of ethics is childish.

Second, what “code of ethics” is Cain subject to for charging without any proof that his former consultant, Curt Anderson, was Politico’s original source? Of course there is no candidate code of ethics but you would think Mr. Cain would have a personal code that would have prohibited him from smearing a former employee in a way that could damage that person’s change to earn a living. Or not.

Most importantly Cain fans, this is the kind of thing that scares me most about your candidate.

How do you come to a debate on entitlements and clearly not know the difference between “defined benefit” and “premium support” options?

Both videos via Ben Domenech.


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