Hey Iowa….You Suck (Just Liike Everyone Else)

Interesting note about the Cain campaign.

Cain was last in Iowa for an October 22 speech to the Faith and Freedom Coalition.  (He also attended Iowa and Iowa State football games.)  At that time, he was doing damage control after a series of remarks on abortion that left some voters questioning his pro-life bona fides.  He’s next expected in Iowa on November 19.  If that is indeed the first time he returns, it will mark a 28-day gap between appearances in Iowa — time Cain spent in Alabama, Texas, Washington DC, and other places that don’t have early caucuses or primaries.

But, but I thought Iowa is entitled to its first up slot because Iowans spend months and months personally talking to the candidates in homes, at country fairs and diners. They vet candidates in ways we mere mortals in other states (aside from New Hampshire) are incapable of. They do this personal work in order to ensure the candidates are up to snuff and ready for the rest of us.  In return we pretend ethanol is mandates are good things. This is how the world has worked from time immemorial and how it must MUST continue to do so.

Well, at least the 2nd place candidate, Mitt Romney, has spent tons and tons of time there. Wait, that’s not right either.

So it turns out the voters anointed by God himself to personally inspect each candidate up close and personal for the rest of us are making decisions based on TV spots and news reports like everyone else?


Three things the GOP needs to get a handle on before its next open primary season:

1-Debates. Fewer in number, more realistic thresholds for participation, formats the encourage ideas not cheap rhetorical attacks and less MSM participation.

2-Calendar. Iowa and New Hampshire are not magical places. The world will not spin off it’s axis if they don’t go first. Also, no more January voting.

3-Open Primaries. Close them. If you can’t be bothered to register as a Republican, you don’t get a say in who the party nominates.

Thanks to Slublog for the original story.


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  1. Good ideas.
    Last year, in Idaho, we were able to tighten the Election Standards to require a Driver’s License before voting.
    I’m not sure if we got the Closed Primary law passed yet.

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