Weinergate And Liberal Hypocrisy

Democrats love to say their sex scandals don’t really matter because, well, they don’t care about morality or “family values”. Ace puts the lie to this notion that some how every Democrat in America (or really any Democrat in America) is running on a libertine platform.

Aside from that there’s actually a worse kind of hypocrisy at work here.

Democrats love to attack Republicans for not wanting supporting women. They claim that things like opposition to abortion is anti-woman or that Republicans are misogynists or want to return to a time when women were chattel.  Democrats and liberals on the other hand are great defenders of women.

But that supposed support and respect for women doesn’t translate to actual, real live women you can point to and see. At least not if it’s a Democratic politician harming women.

Ted Kennedy kills a woman? She would have been honored to have helped his career.

Bill Clinton cheats on his wife by engaging in sexual activity with woman young enough to be his daughter, who works for him? They line up to satisfy his needs.

Anthony Weiner cheats on his wife and sends unsolicited lewd photos to women? Don’t we have something better to talk about?

And when a liberal woman dares to call Wiener out for his predatory behavior? Well, a fine upstanding liberal man (a producer for Rachel Maddow no less) is there to tell her stop being such an attention whore.

Where’s Nancy Pelosi publicly calling for Weiner’s resignation? Where’s the march of female Senators to the House demanding justice for women who didn’t ask to get a Weiner photo but did anyway?

Here’s some feminist outrage….wait did I say outrage? I meant cover for Weiner.

Liberals say they are immune from sex scandals because they don’t pretend to be offended by immoral behavior. What about the hypocrisy of supporting women as a theoretical group when it comes to abortion and pay but not as individuals from harassment of powerful men? It seems the difference is more about support for Democratic men than support for any actual woman. That’s especially true if that actual  woman is a Republican







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I blog about politics and hockey because I sort of understand those things. I'd blog about women but I'll never understand them.

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