Sarah Palin’s Media Plan Is A Lost Opportunity

Let me say up front, I don’t think Palin is a particularly appealing candidate or even spokesperson for conservatism. We can save all the reasons for that for a later date.

If however you are a fan of Palin and think she’s a strong voice for conservatism, you should be disappointed in her approach to the media.

Yes, I know everyone hates the media and to see them making fools of themselves chasing her around is emotionally satisfying but…is that really all Palin is good for? Needling a bunch of people none of us really like or care about? It’s tasty but in the end it is as unsubstantial as cotton candy.

Were I a fan of Palin’s and thought she was a leading light of conservatism, I’d want her slugging it out with any and every MFM figure around. I’d want to see Palin use their platforms against them and not just promote herself or gain a bit of revenge for the outrageous treatment she received in 2008. Shouldn’t she use her talents to reach beyond the Fox News audience and her cadre of loyal supporters?

If Palin is the superstar conservative spokesperson so many say she is, wouldn’t she easily best the likes of Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer, Wolf Blitzer and hell even Rachel Maddow? Aren’t the people who watch those people the one’s most in need of Palin’s conservative evangelizing?

Ask yourself, what would be more satisfying and effective in promoting conservative causes…making the media look like fools by chasing her around or Palin beating MFMers head to head in front of their adoring viewers? Think of the damage she could do by destroying them at their own game, one after another! Certainly she’s capable of that, right?

Yes, yes, I know. Palin plays by her own rules and we mere mortals can’t always divine the method behind the surface madness. Still, if you think Palin is the cure to a lot of problems facing conservatives and the country, shouldn’t you want to see her doing more than nibble around the edges? In a war, you don’t take your best weapon and deploy it away from the main field of battle.

So yeah, it’s fun and funny to watch the MFM chase Palin around in her game of hide the ball. But Palin fans should ask themselves, is this really  advancing conservatism?


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  1. Um, how smart are you? She can’t grant one-on-one interviews with other outlets until she terminates her contract with Fox, which apparently, she doesn’t want to do until she official declares for the presidency. Meanwhile, she’s given LOTS of off-the-cuff interviews with MANY news outlets. Have you not been paying attention?

    As an avid Palin fan her strategy doesn’t disappoint me at all. She is doing things that I would expect from someone who plans to change the status quo.

    The liberal media are corrupt. You don’t negotiate with terrorists, you defeat them. And she is defeating them by exposing them as leftwing hacks. They proclaim her to be the most unelectable candidate in the history of elections but can’t resist following her around like she’s Indira Gandhi.

  2. Palin doesn’t engage the MFM for the same reason I don’t compete in the US Open. You see, I could shoot 12 under par, but I just don’t want to.

    The fact that every other time I’ve golfed has been so embarrassingly bad that I average 3 lost balls and 2 hours a hole has absolutely nothing to do with my decision not to participate in the US Open, which I’d surely win. Nope. Pure principle, baby.

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